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Javascript/typescript SDK client for MedMe EHR

Build for development

    npm install -g typescript
    npm i
    make build

Running tests

  1. Previously install user with publicId=user999 and internalId=1 into table UserIDMap of embedded.db database. Copy your UserSign to tests/user999_ehr_user_sign.txt without whitespaces and other symbols. You should to provide only one record with internalID=1 in this table.

You may also do initialize embedded.db using next command (path to embedded.db can be changed):

tests/ ../csharp/MedMe/EHR.RPCServer/embedded.db
  1. Start MedMe.EHRServer using make run from folder of the package sources or other way.

  2. Start mock Auth Server using make auth_server_run from root directory of Typescript SDK sources.

  3. Run tests make test.

Running demo application

Copy web_sample/lib/env-prod-template.js to web_sample/lib/env-prod.js and setup your production ehr servers for using it in demo application.

Run demo application

    make web_sample_run